How Jeevam Health treated a lady with pregnancy induced hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism can be a difficult thing to diagnose and treat, especially because many thyroid doctors don’t focus on the root causes of a disease. Also, its symptoms are not very unconventional, but Jeevam Health was able to help one member get a diagnosis and treat the disease. Hypothyroidism/

Thyroid hormones play a significant role in the regulation of a variety of organs. Consequently, almost every major organ is affected when the production of thyroid hormone is low. Since the symptoms appear gradually, many people seek medical help months or years after the disease has begun. Women are majorly affected than men due to their association with autoimmunity. Hence they must seek Hashimoto's thyroiditis treatment on time.

Hypothyroidism can appear in various ways, but one of the most prevalent is the involvement of the central nervous system and gut system. The hypothyroidism patients complain of having an altered gut microbiome, which affects an individual's overall health. A few patients may also complain of experiencing weariness, fatigue, and, in some cases, severe intellectual problems like dementia. Proximal myopathy affects about a quarter of hypothyroidism patients.

Apart from this, it was also found that women were more in numbers when compared to men who suffered both from keratoconus and thyroid gland dysfunction.

Here is a case report of a young woman who has been going through rapid changes in her physical well-being due to low thyroid levels. We will discuss the hypothyroidism treatment that she undergoes and what it does to her health.

Her journey

A patient named Ravina Jain reported to the doctor at Jeevam Health with complaints of anxiety, depression. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during her pregnancy and that caused severe complications during her pregnancy. She struggled to keep up with daily chores and always felt really low. Join Thyroid Community/

Investigating her journey and finding the missing link

From the age of 11, she was suffering from constipation and nausea. As she grew up, there was a lot of stress that affected her, due to which she became dysfunctional emotionally. Simultaneously, academic pressure caused her to have severe anxiety breakdown. As she moved ahead for higher education, there was excessive stress and a poor lifestyle due to coaching classes and professional goals.

Constant stress and anxiety lead to innumerable problems, like acne, hair fall, severe abdominal cramps, anal fissures, constipation, and fatigue. The patient could not fulfill her career goals. Due to this, there came many differences between the parents and her. It triggered her medical problems further in the year 2013. Simultaneously, her gut health was deteriorating more and more.

In 2014, the patient suffered from an allergic attack, which caused face swelling and constant sneezing. Doctors recommended an MRI brain test which gave an average result. She was then prescribed Allegra for one month.

She was suffering from bouts of anxiety and depression that stayed for around two years. Anti-anxiety and antidepressants were prescribed to her. However, they did not improve her mental state.

The patient's health deteriorated in the next year due to the constant pressure of academics and career. Body aches, anxiety, gut-related issues, and weakness increased. To treat all of this, all the patient did was eat a healthy diet and avoid junk with no medication. In a year, the woman had astigmatism in both eyes, for which she was advised to take teardrops.

Eventually, her body was exposed to seasonal and autumn changes due to moving to a new country. This aggravated the earlier symptoms and also caused allergic attacks. Later on this year, the patient was also diagnosed with spondylosis L5-S1 with Grade 1 Listhesis. She was on Vitamin D3 and B-12 Complex tablets, which did improve her condition.

After a year or so, the patient started suffering from a sudden onset of gut-related issues, like excessive burping and bloating, for which she started taking probiotics. Further, her orthopedic suggested physiotherapy along with the medication. Also, her shift to Ayurvedic treatment, which included panchakarma at home (10 days), did improve her gut health for a while.

Even though she did try so many hypothyroidism treatment plans, nothing worked for her. She was still dealing with anxiety, bloating, and has specific allergic issues also.

The traditional treatment methods were not working for the patient, as there was no improvement seen. It is probably because the doctors were not able to treat the root cause. There was something else that needed to be treated, and they could not find it out. Instead, they were more focused on lowering the severity of symptoms, which got aggravated once the patient left the conventional hypothyroidism medications.

How Did Jeevam Health Plan Help her?

The thyroid specialist at Jeevam Health asked the patient to complete the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA). The process of organizing, analyzing, and interpreting the blood biomarkers is known as FBCA. It helps you to gain a complete assessment of the health status of the primary functional systems. You can also learn about the nutritional status of the body and how you can progress towards achieving optimal health.

The results obtained from the Functional Body System are then transformed as per the hypothyroidism patient based on the latest research. The patient's blood test reports showed that she is suffering from severe Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is an alarming situation. Since it is not being taken care of properly, hence all the other vitals are also getting imbalanced.

Her path to healing

The thyroid specialist at Jeevam Health follows the Functional Medicine approach for treating the disease. They create a customized hypothyroidism treatment plan for the patient, keeping in mind the patient's history, current symptoms, and intensity of the condition.

Beginning with the food plan,

  • The patient was asked to avoid certain foods such as sugar, wheat, and dairy products.
  • Apart from this, oils such as corn oil, cottonseed oil, refined sunflower oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil were also a no for the patient.
  • The calorie intake per day has to be around 1500 – 1700.
  • Carbohydrate – 50%, Fat – 30% & Protein – 20%

Hypothyroidism diet Supplemental Plan included the following:

Vitamin D Liquid11 ml daily
Ionic Magnesium Powder1/2Warm water, 1 hour after meal
GastoZinc11after meal
Active Folate B121Sublingual: Put below tongue
Vitamin C11
Iron Complex1After meal
Rebuild Advance Vegan Protien and Lipid1/2warm water
Albendazole11for 3 days and repeat after 15 days. After food


Making some changes in your lifestyle is very important whenever you plan to eliminate the origin of a disease. The lifestyle plan suggested by the doctor for hypothyroidism treatment is as follows:

Sleep: Continue with 7 to 8 hours of sleep

Exercise PrescriptionCardio/AerobicFlexibility/ Stretching
Frequency- Times per week55
IntensityModerate1 set
Time ( minutes ) each day30 minutes3 minutes
TypewalkingSurya Namaskar


The patient had to follow the hypothyroidism treatment plan mentioned above for a period of three months. After which, the thyroid specialist recalled her for a follow-up. If the desired goals are achieved, then the next step of GUT healing. Thyroid function level regulation is complex, and hence, it does require a holistic approach. Doctors use functional Medicine approach at Jeevam Health to address underlying problems and help the body regain healthy function.

Compiling the pieces together

Analysis/ In this case study, we assessed how Jeevam Health focuses on treating hypothyroidism by eliminating the root cause of the disease. It can be achieved only by making drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle routine. For instance, if your patient is suffering from iodine deficiency, the most appropriate method, to begin with, is to restore the iodine levels with proper diet intake. However, this does not completely eliminate the need for replacement thyroid hormone; it can frequently significantly lower the dose needed to maintain optimal thyroid levels.

A doctor who changed her life

It was during her pregnancy that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This medical disease created lots of complications during childbirth. She was also dealing with postpartum depression, and her weight had increased up to 81 kg.

She was thankful that at the right time, Jeevam Health came into her life. Seeing their previous results, she started her treatment with their thyroid specialists. She was constantly looking for answers on how to cure her thyroid permanently.

Doctors at Jeevam health have made it possible for her to restore her physical and mental well-being. He listened to her then and adequately planned a treatment method. This plan was completely customized as per the current health condition of the patient. By properly sticking to the food plan, taking the needed supplements, and doing exercise, she has managed to come down to 56 kgs. Also, the alterations to her food habits have healed her gut system. She is also very much grateful to her personal advisor Harika, who motivates her to recover and get back on a healthy life.

The patient is glad that she came across Jeevam Health, as they cured her disease and ensured that this improvement lasts for a lifetime.

Want to cure hypothyroidism and live a healthy life? Reach out to us.

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