Dr. Karishma Shaikh


Functional Medicine Practitioner

Institute for Functional Medicine (USA)

Treated 1000+ Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD Patients


Dr Karishma Shaikh has dedicated her life to diagnosing the root cause of ailments. With the experience of treating over 1000 people with thyroid issues and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS/PCOD), she utilizes her training in functional medicine and hands-on experience to help hundreds of people find the cause of their diseases and discomforts each day.

"All diseases begin in the gut" – Dr Karishma believes that the underlying cause of every symptom lies in a person's diet. She is a PCOS specialist who doesn't depend on medication blindly. Dr Karishma considers every case to be unique. She has helped countless people with her outstanding ability to listen, understand and explain seemingly complicated signs of a disease in a manner everyone can understand.

Dr Karishma Shaikh is a dedicated functional medicine doctor. She helps patients overcome multiple health challenges due to hypothyroidism and PCOD by suggesting small but significant lifestyle changes.

She believes every case of thyroid period problem, PCOS complications and thyroid disorders are as unique as the individual facing these problems. Since the physiology, metabolism and medical history of no two persons are alike, their problems should also have different solutions.

She is one of the few PCOS specialists who take the functional medicine approach to treat each person. It gives every person the window to express their concerns, discomforts, daily struggles, and medical history. Dedicating significant time to every case allows Dr Karishma Shaikh to explore the potential causes of the symptoms and disorder(s) her patients are braving. That is exactly the reason Dr Karishma enjoys a high success rate as a PCOD specialist doctor and a functional medicine doctor.