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Weight Issues
Weight Issues
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Pregnancy Issues
Pregnancy Issues
Period Issues
Period Issues
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Irregular Heart Rate
Irregular Heart Rate
What sets Jeevam Health apart?
1. Advanced diagnostics
Our tests go beyond the usual range. And our experts ensure you only get the tests you really need.
2. Therapeutic grade supplementation
The thyroid supplements we provide are not the ones you can pick up from your local chemist. They have been specifically formulated to provide optimal doses, be absorbed better, and have better efficacy. For you, this means more benefits with lesser doses.
3. Disease prevention
Treating the cause of your disease means that along with treating your thyroid problem, your health will improve as a whole. This means lesser chances of developing other chronic, autoimmune conditions as well.
Our satisfied customers are the testament to our success.
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#Restlessness | #Weight Issues | #Low Energy
I consider myself very lucky to have found support in this wonderful group. I joined Jeevam Health in July / Aug this year. Grateful to Jeevam doctors for their support, guidance, and patience. After the very first zoom session, I had hope n confidence that things will definitely get better. Thanks for letting me know what my unique inflammatory triggers were and how to deal with them. The diet changes have definitely been a struggle but I was determined to do anything to regain health. Thanks, Megha mam for the wonderful recipes ...finally I'm developing a taste for what is truly healthy and nourishing. Of late I have been on permitted foods only and feeling a significant improvement in health. I'm 90% free from my health issues like feet swelling, improper sleep, restlessness, weight loss etc. Hopefully my upcoming lab reports will come good. Thanks to all doctors, yoga mam, meditation mam & debdatta. ☺️
- Shalini, Jeevam Health Member
10,000+People all over India trust us with managing their autoimmune and related conditions every year.
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Dr. Karishma Shaikh
MBBS, Functional Medicine
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Treated 1000+ Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD Patients
Dr. Karishma is one of the best in her field. Inspired by her own health condition, she started pursuing functional medicine practices to help chronic condition patients. She follows the principle of “all disease begins in the gut” and helps people overcome their health challenges with simple lifestyle changes.

We are a team.

At Jeevam Health, you find a community, not just a doctor. Our common goal is to design the life you wish to have. You have the power to transform your body from within. We only want to help you on your journey.


Trust the experts

Our team has experience in various kinds of cases. Whatever your unique condition, we will tailor a specific plan just for you!

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