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Top 5 Root Causes of Thyroid

Autoimmunity Risk

Insulin Resistance Risk

Nutrition Profile

Toxicity Profile

Gut Health Profile

Holistic Treatment

Just thyroid meds aren’t enough to treat the real cause of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism respectively.

One needs to learn about the underlying factors that have caused the disbalance of thyroid hormones. It requires proper testing, history taking, construction of a timeline, and Root Cause Analysis.

Only then can one address the real cause and minimize the impact on thyroid function. Proper thyroid function is a combination of ideal supplements, diet, lifestyle & medication.


Therapeutic supplements to address nutritional deficiencies.


To lower the inflammation and boost eneryg levels


To improve sleep, stress and metabolism.


To take care of your current symptoms.

Symptoms that can be managed perfectly

Weight gain and trouble losing weight

This is one of the most common concerns in people with hypothyroidism. Often even with a healthy diet, the weight just keeps piling on which is a challenge to overcome.


You may feel tired even after enough rest. Not having enough energy to perform daily chores efficiently. And not feeling energetic after waking up.

Sensitivity to low temperatures

You know how some people feel excessively cold, especially in air-conditioned rooms? Hypothyroidism makes it more difficult to adapt to lower temperatures because your metabolic rate is low.


A common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.

What Jeevam Health Does Differently

Most thyroid patients end up taking hypothyroidism medicines for life. However, a few simple changes can help you reduce the dose and even live a life free of medication.

Analysis of the Root Cause

Our doctors will analyze the root cause of your thyroid disorder based on 100s of biomarkers, your symptoms, and medical history.

Tailoring Holistic Treatment

We go beyond medicine to personalize treatment plans. Your ideal treatment plan encompasses your diet, lifestyle, supplements, and more.

Providing Consistent Care

We will help you implement suggested treatment, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes until you feel better! We are here with you throughout your journey toward thyroid cure.

The Jeevam Health Journey

4 Steps Process

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Step 1

Get Root Cause Consult Plan

Start your treatment journey by enrolling into Root Cause Consultation

Step 2

Get Holistic Prescription

Online videos consult by doctors to analyze your 100+ biomarkers

Step 3

Buy Medical Grade Supplements.

With help from diet coach, implement diet & supplements.

Step 4

End to End Care, No need to jump to different places


Therapeutic supplements for nutritional deficiencies.


To identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Diet Consultations

Get diet plan tailored for you.

Doctor's Consultations

Lab reports analysis and prescription.

50,000+ Consultations

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Why your Thyroid Medication Is Not Working?

Autoimmunity is one of the most prominent root cause of thyroid condition. This can be diagnosed by testing antibodies. Thyroid medicine does not help in reducing inflammation & antibodies. Listen from her, how Jeevam holistic approach improved thyroid condition

93% Success Rate within 6 months

What to expect from Jeevam Treatment?

Our doctors have achieved 93% success rate in reducing majority of the thyroid symptoms. Typical treatment duration goes for 9 -12months. Within 2-3 months, you will find improvement in energy levels. You will achieve optimal weight within 6 months. Inflammatory markers get better in 9-12 months.



Gut Health


Energy Level




Jeevam Health is pioneer in creating bio-available supplements to address root cause of thyroid

India's first Multivitamin for Thyroid Health

Daily Thyroid Support

Address the root cause your thyroid condition by reducing inflammation & improving nutrition. Blend of 4 most essential nutrients to achieve optimal thyroid health.


Helps your immune system and metabolism function


Makes thyroid hormones & regulates cellular metabolism.


Improves alertness, attention and focus.


Helps to convert the thyroid hormone into its active form.

How it works?

Thyroid Support is a top-quality, all-in-one formula for the nutritional support of thyroid function. it regulates metabolism, converts thyroid hormones in active forms & reduces inflammation. Best for autoimmune thyroid condition.

4 Most Important Nutrients

Stimulates Thyroid Gland

Reduces Inflammation

Work on Root Cause

India's 1st Supplement with Bio-Active Ingredients

10X Better Absorption than Generic Brands

Medical Grade, Therapeutic Supplement to address the root cause of thyroid condition.

Supplements Trusted by Jeevam Doctors

Only Good Choices, No Compromises

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Soya Free

Sugar Free

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Vanamala Ramesh

Jeevam Health Member

My attitude towards food, gut health, and sleep, has completely changed and I want to thank Jeevam for this.

Symptoms:Weight Issue, Joint Pain, Sleep Disorder
92 kg72 kg
125 mcg50 mcg


Jeevam Health Member

I would like to thank God for Jeevam health in my life. Very special thanks to Dr. Anish for finding the root cause of my problem.

Symptoms:Weight Issue, Depression
150 mcg25 mcg

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