Navratri Diet

MeghaOctober 10, 2021

The most auspicious festival of India, Navratri, has already begun. It's the best time to treat your body and soul and take it to the next stage. Fasting during the nine days of Navratri, is considered to be the best practice of devoting your time to the ultimate divine. Also, fasting ensures numerous benefits to your body. But preparing a plan for your fasting can be a little tough task. Here we have listed a day routine that includes gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar free foods to make your fasting easy without damaging your health. Navratri Diet/


Spinach, kale or Collard greens smoothie

A good smoothie is recommended for breakfast , as it is quite filling and you don't need to snack in between. Green smoothie ( Spinach) is highly nutritious and healthy when consumed raw. And green smoothies can be taken during fasting also. Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that has numerous benefits. It is extremely rich in iron content and cures constipation. Spinach controls hair fall and calcium present in the spinach can be easily absorbed by the body.
Spinach, kale or Collard greens smoothie/


Quinoa chilla with chutney/Amarnath/Chestnut roti With bottle gourd

Quinoa is a nutritious lunch with all the essential amino acids present in it. It is gluten-free and so it can also be taken by people who are sensitive to gluten. It helps in blood sugar control of the whole body. Considerably, it has beneficial effects on your body's metabolism.

Benefits of Quinoa: It contains plant compounds Quercetin and Kaempferol that have high fiber content. It provides important minerals such as iron and magnesium. Aids weight loss


Nuts are rich in protein and good fats which can be taken to balance the cravings. You can go with Brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts and almonds.


Soup and fresh veggies

If you have been taking potatoes for dinner, try to avoid it. Replace it with carrot/pumpkin soup and a bowl of fresh vegetables. Soup and veggies go smoothly on your stomach and support the digestion process. Vegetables are loaded with soluble fibre, that maintains blood sugar on track. Adding to that, intake of veggies reduces the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Most vegetables have low calories which is very helpful in losing weight. End your dinner with a glass of warm almond milk. Join Thyroid Community/

Important tips to follow during fasting:

  • Don't take potato tikkis, rather go with vegetable tikkis.
  • Take only 1 low carb fruit once a day.
  • Keep your vegetable portions larger as they are the best sources of Vitamin C.
  • Try to avoid sweet potato and makhane or consume it once a day.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day with normal water, warm water , coconut water and fresh juices.

Fasting can do wonders on your health, if done properly. Infact, fasting is not only meant for spiritual purposes, but also recommended by doctors for the improvement of health. Try out this plan and strictly avoid fried and packed snacks.

Navratri Diet Plan

*Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
BreakfastCarrot and apple smoothieBeetroot Strawberry SmoothieAsh gourd and green apple SmoothieCucumber Kiwi Smoothie
Brunch (Drink should be without sugar source)1 glass of lemon water1 glass of coconut water1 Glass of Amla drink1 Glass of Aloevera drink
Lunch1 portion of Fruits with handful of nuts and seeds1 bowl of vegetable and sprouts chat1 big bowl of Boiled or steamed or sautee vegetables + handful of nutsFruits with nuts and seeds
Post lunchJeera and fennel concoctionJeera and fennel concoctionJeera and fennel concoctionJeera and fennel concoction
Evening snacksNuts and seed trail mix + herbal tea1 glass coconut / Almond milk with 2 Brazil nut and 1 tsp pumpkin seeds1 cup Makhana + 1 cup of Herbal tea1 cup of puffed rajgira with 1 cup of herbal tea
Dinner1-2 small Kuttu Roti with daal and bhindi masala1 cup of quinoa dal khichdi + 4 slices of Cucumber1-2 small Singhada roti with moong dal and tomato curry5 slices of carrot and cucumber + 1 cup of kuttu dal khichdi


*Day 5Day 6Day 7
BreakfastSpinach kiwi smoothie.Moringa and kiwi SmoothiePumpkin and apple smoothie.
Brunch (Drink should be without sugar source)1 glass of jeera drink2 dates and 2 apricots1 glass of kokum drink
LunchVegetable tikki (2. no.)1 bowl of cooked or steamed Sweet potato and vegetable1 Bog bowl of vegetable stew.
Post lunchJeera and fennel concoctionJeera and fennel concoctionJeera and fennel concoction
Evening snacks1 cup of puffed rajgira with 1 cup of herbal tea1 cup of makhana with 1 small cup of almond milk1 small cup of sweet potato and kala channa chat
Dinner1 bowl of vegetable soup with sabhudana khichdi2 small Rajgira roti with lauki kofta and dal tadka1 big bowl of Quinoa salad or Buddha bowl

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