Megha holds a masters in food science and Nutrition, with hands on experience in medical Nutrition therapy for metabolic and endocrine related disorders. she is passionate about the science of nutrition and related disciplines of food science. she believes in the mechanism of functional medicine, which involves addressing the root cause of a particular health condition and managing it with lifestyle, correcting tje Nutritional deficiencies and other underlying triggers. she will help you in your journey towards better health not just by playing a role of a nutritionist but a coach. she will provide you with customized food plans and lifestyle modifications with simplicity and efficacy. it is very important to be educated and well informed about the diet and lifestyle practices that are advised to you, so that you can add value to it, and megha will help you with this by imparting knowledge and guiding you on how to use this knowledge to your best advantage.

I believe that management of all health conditions begins with addressing 4 simple pillars of our lives, which is our diet, physical activity, emotional health and sleeping habits. i also believe that one doesn't require a sophisticated diet plan with exclusive foods but going back to our staple foods and consuming it by using simplicity and common sense can go a long way.