Top 8 famous ways to do a Low-Carb diet

MeghaApril 3, 2022

Are you weary of trying to lose some kilos? If yes, then you are not alone. Several people around you want to lose weight healthily but fail miserably. Sometimes you don't understand your body requirements and fail to lose weight even when exercising regularly. The potential reason behind this can be the diet that you are following. Diet plays a crucial role when it comes to weight loss or gain. So, it's essential to focus on your diet plan and exercise also. Do you know which diet can help you in losing weight? No? It's Low carb food diet. Low carb diet helps to reach your desired weight. Now, you must be wondering "what is the kind of diet it is and how can you do it?" So let me smash the ice for you and introduce you to the top 8 famous ways to do a Low-Carb diet. But before that, let's understand what a low-carb diet is. Low Carb Food

What is a low-carb diet?

Low-carb diets limit the consumption of carbohydrates. The dietician asked the person to eat more protein, healthy fats, and more fibre in this diet instead of carbohydrates.

Undoubtedly, your body needs cards to work appropriately. The body breaks down the carbs and uses them for energy immediately or later. If the body doesn't use the carbs immediately, they get stored in the muscles and liver to use afterward. And if still, the body does not use these stored carbs in the muscles and liver, the body converts them to fat.

Top 8 famous ways to do a Low-Carb diet

A regular low-carb diet

A regular low-carb diet is a basic diet plan and has no clear definition of a standard low-carb diet. Carb consumption is restrictive in this diet, focusing on more protein consumption. You have to minimise carbs-rich food like potatoes, sugary drinks, grains, and high-sugar fast food. The person is encouraged to have more protein in their diet than in the Western diet. They can include tofu, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, spirulina, quinoa, fish, eggs, meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats in their low-carb diet. These foods are high in protein.

The dietician suggests the carbs intake as per your goal. For instance, if you want to reduce weight slowly, the dietician advises keeping your carbs intake between 50 grams-100 grams. But if you desire to lose at a fast pace, eat a lot of vegetables and keep carbs intake under 50gms.

A regular low-carb diet lessens the risk of diabetes. Usually, carbohydrates break into sugar. If the intake of carbs is high, it can result in a high sugar level in the system.

Keto diet

Another way to follow a low-carb diet is the keto diet. This diet plan concentrates on foods with very low carbs, a good amount of healthy fats, and adequate protein content. The keto diet's primary goal is to keep carbs quantity so low that your body moves into a metabolic state called ketosis.

The carbs limit restricts up to 50-20gm per day. You can include fish, eggs, cheese, low-carb veggies, avocados, nuts, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, plain Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese in the diet. Also, it's better to avoid grains, starchy vegetables, high-sugar fruits, sweetened yogurt, added sugar juices, honey, syrup, chips, and crackers, baked goods, including gluten-free baked goods.

The Keto diet helps to improve acne, reduce the risk of specific cancer, improve heart health, and protect brain functions.

Do you know dark chocolate can fit into a ketogenic diet? However, it's paramount to keep a check on its portion. You can eat around 14 grams of high-quality dark chocolate. Join Thyroid Community/


LCHF means "a low carb, high-fat diet." This diet is an essential low-carb diet, whereas it focuses on whole, unprocessed foods. You might be wondering if the keto diet and LCHF look the same. But let me burst the bubble for you. Both diets are not the same. The LCHF diet focuses on eating very few carbohydrates and more fats.

On the other hand, the keto diet concentrates on eating minimal carbohydrates and proteins but more healthy fat. The dietician suggests including meats, healthy fats, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, berries, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Added sugar and starchy foodstuffs like potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice are capped in the LCHF diet plan.

LCHF diet supports weight loss, controls blood sugar, enhances cognitive function and lowers the risk of heart disease.

Low-Carb Paleo Diet

The low-carb paleo diet is one of the most popular these days. Many people are following this. It promotes the same eating habits as when humans lived in caves or simple huts or teepees. It was the time before the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

One study states that the paleo diet is a great diet plan that can help to reduce weight, blood sugar, and heart disease risk. This diet is focused on unprocessed food. It is strictly a "no carb" diet but still permits carbs from groups of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, and unrefined sweeteners.

Low-Carb Paleo Diet includes meats, seafood, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts, and seeds. You should avoid processed foods, added sugar, dairy products, grains, and legumes.

Low-Carb Paleo Diet increases healthy HDL cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, stops fatty liver inflammation, and lowers blood pressure.

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet plan eliminates high-carb foods and eats more protein and good fat. It's divided into four stages: induction, balancing, fine-tuning, and maintenance.

  • Induction: In the first phase, carb counts are up to 20 grams for two weeks.

  • Balancing: After induction, the balancing phase started. More nuts, low-carb vegetables, and fruit are added to the diet.

  • Fine-tuning: When the weight starts losing quickly, more carbs are added to the diet until your weight loss becomes slower.

  • Maintenance: A person can eat healthy carbs as their body accepts without gaining weight.

The Atkins diet plan improves severe health conditions, such as metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Eco-Atkins Diet

The Eco-Atkins diet is a healthy low-carb diet plan that concentrates on consuming more vegetables and plant-based proteins like tofu, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, spirulina, quinoa. Indeed, it is a vegan diet that promotes an intake of 31% protein, 43% fat, and 26% carbohydrates from plants. You can have vegetables, whole-grain cereal, whole-wheat bread, and oats. It is better to keep white bread, rice, potatoes, and baked goods at bay. These foods are not recommended in the Eco-Atkins diet.

The Eco-Atkins diet lowers your cholesterol levels and lessens the risk of heart disease.

Zero carbs diet

Zero carbs diet means eliminating all the carbs from the diet. It will include only animal foods like eggs, meat, fish, and animal fats (butter and lard). The studies do not encourage this diet much because it excludes all plant-based foods and lacks essential nutrients, such as vitamin C and fibre.

Zero carbs diet boosts heart health, weight loss, and blood sugar control.

Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet

The last diet on the list is Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet. It is a pretty popular diet plan. The unique trait of this diet is the traditional foods of Mediterranean countries earlier in the 20th century. It provided a lot of health benefits like reducing the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It is quite similar to a regular low-carb diet. Nevertheless, this diet includes fish and extra virgin olive oil.

It helps in the deterrence of cardiovascular diseases, improves lifespan, and promotes healthy aging.

Health benefits of the Low-Carb diet Besides weight loss, there are many health benefits of a low-carb diet that we cannot overlook.

  1. High triglycerides levels put your heart at risk. But if you start following a low-carb diet, it reduces triglycerides in the body and keeps your health healthy.

  2. A low-carb diet lessens the risk of diabetes. Usually, carbohydrates break into sugar. If the intake of carbs is high, it can result in a high sugar level in the system.

  3. The low-carb diet helps to boost your memory. It is also beneficial for people who have developed Alzheimer's symptoms.

  4. It doesn't let your day go dull. It makes you feel energetic all day.

  5. It solves digestion issues like bloating makes you feel light.

Summing it up

These are the ways to do a low carbs diet. But every diet may not suit you. Always choose a diet plan that makes you healthy and matches your lifestyle. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to follow, and there are chances that you leave it in the middle. Every person has a distinct body type, so what works for your friend may not work for you. So meet your dietician or healthcare professional who can guide you to pick the best diet plan you can stick to.

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