Elimination Diet

Rashi Mathur
Rashi MathurOctober 8, 2021

Food reactions of any type can trigger low-grade inflammatory reactions in the gut, making the intestinal wall more porous and exposed to the influx of large, undigested food particles into the blood (a condition referred to as “leaky gut”). This breakdown of the intestinal barrier can allow other substances like bacteria, chemicals, and yeast to leak from the intestine into the bloodstream, further stimulating the immune system and causing more inflammation. Just as food reactions can lead to a leaky gut, the reverse is also true; leaky gut can significantly increase the development of food sensitivities. Removing problem foods decreases inflammation and helps calm the immune response. The Elimination Diet helps to reduce inflammation by promoting the ingestion of anti-inflammatory foods. Over time, these foods, combined with the elimination of common trigger foods, cause inflammation to subside and helps the gut to heal. Join Thyroid Community/

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