Rashi Mathur


Trained in the principles of Functional Medicine from (FMCA) which is in collaboration with the esteemed Institute Of Functional Medicine (IFM) the U.S.A, Rashi Mathur is a Functional Medicine Certified Health & Nutrition Coach. ​ She is passionate to help people find the same joy that she has found for herself in improved health.

Sometimes we are just looking to get simple answers for the chronic health problems we feel we are stuck in. From continuously experiencing a slump in our energy levels, and the feeling of brain fog over our thoughts. We rely on that cup of coffee to get us through the day, totally feeling depleted. Not feeling your best can be very frustrating. It can slow you down at work, at home and also prevent us from living the life we deserve. Our current health care system manages symptoms and also provides temporary relief, but it does not get to the heart of the matter. Functional medicine addresses the same problem with managing the diseases through guidance in lifestyle change, eliminating the disease trigger, and supplementing the right nutrients for underlying deficiencies.

Her expertise lies in guiding , educating, and motivating clients to take charge of their own health. As your coach and guide, she will collaborate with you to create a personalized food and lifestyle plan based on your health goals and your vision for your health.

The biochemistry and need of every individual are unique, what works for one person might just not be right for the other. She will help you make simple lifestyle changes by reviewing your health history, diet and lifestyle, and help you incorporate the necessary changes into your daily life.
Drawing on this knowledge , she has helped several people around the world get their health back by identifying the root cause of their health issue. She will help you to identify and connect the dots of your health to your lifestyle factors, guide you on healthy habits, high nutritional foods & importance of good quality supplements.
As your coach , she will help you gain knowledge and include all the super foods in your food plan and how you can change your own health by just gaining this knowledge. She will take a detailed review of your current dietary intake and also monitor your ongoing dietary intake.
Habits are always the hardest part to change. She guides our patients to make these changes with such simplicity that it soon becomes their new way of life. She will assist in bridging the gap between what your doctor suggests, what you know you need, and what actually makes sense in your life right now. These small daily changes are key to succeeding in your larger vision of health.

Message by Rashi Mathur

​ "My belief is that the bulk of all human health can be traced back to our diet , our nutrition, or thereby the lack of it. Our demand for proper nutrients has been higher than ever before due to our stressful lives, and dealing with heavy toxic burden. "

“I believe that management of all chronic health diseases starts from identifying its root cause and disease triggers, eliminating the triggers, optimizing sleep, managing stress, following a high nutritional food plan, overcoming the underlying nutritional deficiency, depending as less as possible on medications, and last but the most important of all, being happy!!"