Our Approach
Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced Diagnostics
Your treatment should be specifically designed for you. Our panel of investigations from routine checkups to advanced biomarker analysis allows us to understand your body better.
Expert Doctors
Expert Doctors
Our team of doctors is trained in functional medicine. They provide you with holistic solutions, not just a prescription.
Food as Medicine
Food as Medicine
Your health is in your gut. 80% of your body is what you heal. With our guidance, you can use your food to heal from within.
Lifestyle factors
Lifestyle factors
Thyroid disorders need more than just tablets. Our coaches help you design a life you love. With better sleep, a diet plan, and an exercise routine you will be one step closer to a disease-free life
These will help boost your thyroid function until your thyroid gland recovers. Rest assured, the doses will be controlled.
Know More
Know More
Member Outcomes
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Steps to your well being with Jeevam Health
1. Interact with Jeevam Care Team
Our Health Managers ensure a smooth onboarding process, making it as simple as possible for you. They will help collect a detailed history and provide you with basic forms. This helps us understand your health as best we can.
2. Case Review
Thyroid diseases can turn your life upside down, affecting several daily activities. We aim to guide you through your struggles by providing you the most sustainable, long-term solutions. We use the initial data you provide with your previous reports for this.
3. In Depth Analysis of Health History
We use novel methods to analyze all the information you provide. First, we construct a comprehensive timeline, marking out all the potential stressors or triggering factors. This helps us narrow down when the disease process actually started and what could have made it worse. The second unique feature in our approach is the use of a health matrix. Using a combination of your complaints and general health conditions we can assess which specific areas of thyroid function are affected. The aim of these is to provide you with a treatment plan that is specific to you and your personal challenges.
4. Biomarker Analysis
Our investigations are not limited to simply measuring hormone levels. We go one step beyond to study the various chemicals and toxins thatPersonalizedthat personalized can affect your thyroid. This is combined with a detailed study of other organ functions. Overall, this gives a complete picture of your health.
5. Consultation with expert doctors
With the help of all the data you provide, our thyroid specialists formulate a personalized plan for you. This includes a hypothyroidism diet and lifestyle advice. This step gives clarity of what your treatment plan will consist of, how soon you can expect results, and how you can help your body to heal better. Our doctors can also help you understand what the basic triggers of your disease are. Addressing this root cause is what sets us apart. It is the reason we can provide you with more permanent solutions as well.
6. Support of a Coach
Your Health Coach can guide you through the practical steps of implementing your treatment plan. Our nutritionists can also ease the process of change in diet by providing you with a wide variety of options.
7. Regular follow-up
We offer consultations throughout your 3-month long treatment process. Every 2-3 weeks your Health Coach will solve any doubt you have. After 6 weeks, your doctor will evaluate how the treatment is working for you.
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