How Long Does It Take to Cure Thyroid Permanently?
Dr Karishma Shaikh
Dr Karishma ShaikhJanuary 26, 2022

Often Thyroid patients wonder how long it takes to cure the thyroid permanently, Being a very vital gland of the human structure, any changes in this gland’s functioning can cause severe issues on physical health that can be underlying but life-threatening while cannot be cured if not treated at the right time. How to cure thyroid permanently

Thyroid disorder can vary from a harmless goitre to hormonal change, excessive weight gain, and even to vicious cancer. All these aftermaths occur mostly when the thyroid illnesses go unnoticed & therefore timely action & plan of treatment is important aspect in any thyroid-related illness.

Treatments of thyroid disorders are purely decided on the condition of the patient, and it varies from patient to patient. However, timely diagnosis & decisions are the commonalities in any highly critical treatment plan.

Popular Treatments Methods

Thyroid disorders can occur in various types and are classified into many subdivisions & all of them are caused due to hormonal imbalances in the thyroid gland. The point is that each thyroid disorder has a different treatment and the same goes with the factors like patient conditions, preferences, and so on.

More than an aim towards a permanent cure, the crucial aspect of any thyroid treatment is to attain the right balance of secretion of hormones from the gland thereby stabilizing the general body activities that are impacted due to the thyroid imbalances.

Several risk factors counter the checklist of any thyroid treatment plan. Some of the risk factors include the family history of the patient, past medical history, age, other immunity-related illnesses, etc. These help the physicians to suggest and choose the right treatment plans for the patients. Join Thyroid Community/

One of the two major classifications of thyroid disease is hypothyroidism which is caused due to inadequate secretion of hormones that can be treated by thyroid hormone replacement medicines & the inclusion of those components that help in more production of hormones in the diet.

Similarly, for hyperthyroidism where there is a surplus of hormone secretion, treatment focuses to reduce the intake of thyroid hormone driving contents. One example of such treatment is radioactive iodine therapy where the radioactive iodine helps to prevent the thyroid gland from secreting hormones.

The above can also be treated with anti-thyroidal drugs which do the same action as radioactive iodine, however, these drugs act to stop the production of hormones whereas the iodine damages the cells in the thyroid hormone secretion area.

There are other forms of medications that do not impact any form of prevention to the production of hormones in thyroid glands but will help to reduce the symptoms caused due to thyroid disorders.

Having said all the above methods whether it's radioactive iodine therapy or any form of drug medication, these are mostly observed to be a short-term solution of treating thyroid diseases. While it is necessary to have control of the imbalances of the hormone, the long-term effect is questionable on all these methods of thyroid treatment.

Permanently Removing Thyroid Gland

You might be wondering if there is anything that can assure a long-term solution for thyroid disorders. The answer is YES, but not a yes without an explanation. Surgical methods of removing the thyroid gland from the body are the alternative for the above medications. However, it has its pros and cons.

Surgery for thyroid illnesses is more of a permanent solution as it technically removes the gland from the body & there will be no primary source for the hormone production. This technique of removing the thyroid gland from the body is known as thyroidectomy and it will completely halt the creation of hormones.

The downside is that you will need to intake thyroid replacement hormones for the rest of your life for optimal sources of hormones. Secondly, the recovery period is a bit longer in the patients after the surgery and may take a few weeks for the patients to recover completely.

The Ultimate Preventive Method: Thyroid Diet

Then comes one of the most important lifestyle habits that you will need to optimize which is the diet. Right planning on the diet is critical for any treatment of thyroid-related illnesses and it has very high chances of improving the regular body conditions.

A thyroid diet is a comprehensive diet plan for thyroid patients depending on the type of thyroid illness you suffer from and the adequate requirement for your body. For example, if you are someone suffering from hypothyroidism, it is recommended to include iodine-rich foods like plates of seafood, iodized salt, etc.

Contrary to that, if you are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, the intake of iodine should be low and therefore foods like sprouts, peach, and pears are highly recommended to include in the diet. It is equally important to avoid foods that are not suited to your thyroid illness so that adverse effects are not faced.

Other features of the thyroid diet are to include probiotics to improve intestinal health which has a major impact due to thyroid illnesses and to gather the right vitamins that may have caused a reduction due to the thyroid condition that you are currently facing.

Functional Medicine Approach

Though all the above treatment methods are effective and common up to a certain extent, The most organic treatment method is the functional medicine approach for thyroid.

This approach is far more different from other traditional approaches to diagnosing and treating thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Not only that these are a mix of separate methods of treatment but also are essential parts even for any of the above treatments.

The functional medicine approach majorly deals with finding the root cause instead of underlying symptoms, each functional medicine plan is curated according to an individual's health condition, diet, and hormone level inside the body.

It mainly includes lifestyle changes such as diet as mentioned above and exercising.

Exercise is an important factor and like many other diseases, it has a high impact on human activities on a day-to-day basis. However, it is recommended to take appropriate advice from your physician to plan the right workouts & activities before beginning a new one coupled with the right diet to get the best results in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Thyroid treatments are more focused on timely actions rather than the process of the treatment itself. Understanding and customizing the right treatment as per the patient's conditions & other risk factors vary from each patient. Therefore, the treatments for similar thyroid disease in two people may vary and vice versa.

Right planning of treatment with the physician along with appropriate lifestyle activity changes like diet can bring a lot of difference in improving your thyroid health and its impacts on other body parts.

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