What is Functional Medicine? A novel approach to treat the chronic diseases

Dr Karishma Shaikh
Dr Karishma ShaikhOctober 9, 2021

To treat any chronic disease, it is necessary to explore the root cause. That is the only way to address the real problem. Focusing on symptoms is a temporary solution of sorts.

This is why health is in itself a positive state. It cannot simply be defined as an absence of disease.

Consider a situation where you have back pain. You apply a balm over it. It produces a cooling effect and your pain reduces. Next time it happens, you take a painkiller tablet.

Will these prevent it from happening yet again? Most likely not. Unless you identify all the factors putting strain on your back and address them, it is likely to recur. Join Thyroid Community/

The same parallel can be drawn with other medical conditions. This does not mean that the use of medications can be skipped completely. They are a necessary part of the treatment. However, they should not be the only component of your road to recovery.

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