Does Functional Medicine Work for Thyroid?
Dr. Karishma Shaikh
Dr. Karishma ShaikhJanuary 11, 2022

Have you ever noticed when you search for High TSH treatments, and Functional medicine seems more relevant for treating thyroid?

Functional medicine focuses on treating the root cause of the thyroid, which is different from regular medicine for relieving the triggered symptoms usually prescribed by doctors. Functional Medicine

You should know the difference when managing the root causes of hypothyroidism. Once treated, it will improve your quality of sleep, mood, energy, viability, and overall body functionality.

The best thing about treating your thyroid function via functional medicine is it also enhances your digestive issues, brain health, and hormone balance and develops your overall immunity.

Functional Medicine Approach with H3s

The Functional medicine thyroid approach is far more different from other traditional approaches to diagnosing thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

You should know that functional medicine treatment will differ depending upon the spectrum level ranging from when your thyroid gland is not producing enough hormone to where the thyroid gland is releasing too much hormone.

That means symptoms could vary from mild to no symptoms. However, you must know that treating a thyroid condition can be difficult when you begin to experience mild or unwanted symptoms. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism sit on each end of the spectrum.

When your immune system begins to undermine or control the functionality of your thyroid gland, then it can result in both hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. This situation is known as Autoimmune disease that can cause graves' disease (hyperthyroidism) and Hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypothyroidism).

That means your treatment plan and symptoms would vary depending upon the situation of your thyroid gland. That's when Functional medicine comes into play. Let us know in brief.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a treatment based on an individual's genetic and biological functions as it targets the underlying root causes, which can be triggered due to one or several medical conditions.

Managing the root cause instead of underlying symptoms, each functional medicine plan is curated according to an individual's health condition, diet, and hormone level inside the body.

This will help the doctor to get a complete picture of your health and will provide you with a personalized diagnosis to meet the needs of your hormonal imbalance inside the body.

You may be required to run a few functional medical tests to measure how your body responds to Hypothyroidism functional medicine.

Tests help doctors target the primary cause of hormonal imbalance and provide additional care to relieve the symptoms to help you regain your strength, metabolism, and healthy functioning of all body parts. Functional medicine will bring the overactive and underactive thyroid gland back to a normal level, which will further keep your body in balance. Join Thyroid Community/

How is it Useful? Why is it Needed?

Functional medicine is useful in treating chronic illnesses, focusing on a consumer-centered approach instead of a disease-focused approach. Functional doctors know the importance of a healthy body and are more respectful toward their patients.

Functional medicine treatment includes drug treatments and focuses on emotional, lifestyle, dietary, and even socialization and affects your disease and health.

In addition, doctors will also educate you about the biological process and other bodily functions. This improves the chances of treating the patient successfully and ensures they live a healthy life.

By now, most of you might have understood the difference between taking a functional medicine treatment in place of following a traditional medical plan for curing any disease.

We all know that the human body functions on thousands of variables, and using a similar solution won't work for every person.

The most appropriate approach is to know or find out which body function is not working properly instead of focusing on a single treatment for every person with similar diseases regardless of their lifestyle, medical histories, and genetic makeup.

How is it Different from Other Approaches? Which Specific is it Used for?

When you seek a doctor to get thyroid treatment, they may ask you to get your TSH level checked, and in some cases, they might even need a T4 report to learn more about the underlying cause of your thyroid problem.

However, you should know your health status cannot be determined by evaluating T4 and TSH levels, but they do help define the reason behind triggered symptoms, but that's not enough.

TSH level will ensure the proper functioning of your pituitary gland instead of explaining why your thyroid is not producing enough or is producing more than enough hormones inside the body.

That's when you exactly need a functional medicine treatment since finding the root cause of imbalance in the thyroid system would be more useful than other tests.

Doctors often recommend performing more functional medicine tests to get a clear picture of your overall health. It will help them ensure whether your hormonal level is within the optimal range to determine the root cause of the imbalance.

You should know that functional medicine treatments are suitable for treating chronic illness by finding the root cause instead of mitigating the symptoms.


Functional medicine is suitable for treating chronic illnesses, including an underlying performance of the thyroid gland.

Even though this medical treatment might take a longer route, it will ensure that your chronic disease will be treated and assist you in learning more about your body and how it responds to different biological reactions.

Practitioners would carry out several tests to dive deep inside the lifestyle of a patient. This treatment will include alterations in your lifestyle and nutritional diet, therapy to ensure emotional health, and some medications like supplements, homeopathic, and herbs if required. It will ensure the overall treatment of your body and help you live a better and healthy life.

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