Can Hypothyroidism go away without Medication?

MeghaJanuary 1, 2022

Hypothyroidism develops when your thyroid gland stops producing enough thyroid hormones: T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine), responsible for regulating bodily functions.

As a result, your body's metabolism begins to slow down even when the TSH encourages the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism Medication

People suffering from thyroid problems will begin to experience symptoms like dry skin, fatigue, unwanted weight gain, low energy, muscle stiffness or joint pain, intolerant to cold, and a puffy face. It will also increase blood cholesterol and increase the risk of diseases associated with the heart.

Sometimes the case may be mild, So the question remains, Can hypothyroidism go away without medication. Let’s find out.

Hypothyroidism Treatment

The most commonly prescribed treatment for curing hypothyroidism, in the long run, is taking proper medication every day consistently at the same time. This is usually coupled up with regular thyroid checks after six to eight weeks to measure the improvement.

However, the problem with every synthetic thyroid medication is it often comes with several side effects, and missing a dose or two might trigger new or unwanted symptoms.

To cater to this problem in a better way, the functional medicine approach works very well.

It is particularly used to treat thyroid disorders by finding underlying causes rather than masking symptoms. This treatment strategy is used to reverse the symptoms using a personalized approach to the patient. The ultimate goal is to help the individual become healthier and happier by reducing your need for medicines. Join Thyroid Community/

Can Hypothyroidism go away without Medication?

People struggling with mild hypothyroidism often don’t need treatment. In most cases of mild hypothyroidism, it can be cured naturally by introducing some new lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, daily yoga, exercise, & meditation, and fulfilling the deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Many studies have shown that thyroid problems are often triggered due to a lot of stress, deficiency of essential nutrients, and having a poor diet.

Once you switch to a healthy diet and follow a healthy regime, it may help you deal with underactive thyroid effectively instead of taking any heavy hypothyroidism medication.

You should consider changing your diet and integrating healthy stuff into your daily life to become a better version of yourself.

However, if you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, before you think of making any changes to your diet, you must consult with your doctor and get your thyroid level checked to discuss possible solutions. There are certain edibles including some of the fruits and vegetables, supplements, etc, that can trigger symptoms inside your body.

So to answer the question “Can hypothyroidism go away without medication?” In short, Probably Yes, once you know what to eat and what to avoid, you can make changes in your lifestyle and reverse the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Preferred Treatment Method for Hypothyroidism

Most commonly patients suffering from hypothyroidism are prescribed synthetic thyroid hormone replacement medication.

You need to take this medication consistently without interrupting the daily routine. However, doctors may prescribe liothyronine sodium to treat hypothyroidism in special conditions.

Treating your thyroid is a life-long process, which consuming excessive medication will result in serious health problems like osteoporosis, blood pressure control, and heart palpitations in some extreme cases.

Another preferred method to treat hypothyroidism is a functional medicine approach. This approach is a healthy mix of a good lifestyle with a healthy diet and personalized medications and is strictly based on each individual's progress.

What happens If you don’t treat Hypothyroidism?

Usually, in most cases of hypothyroidism, not every patient has required treatment as the condition might resolve in time without hypothyroidism medication.

But remember, it is necessary to consider frequent checkups to measure the level of thyroid hormone inside your body if you feel any symptoms.

However, if your hypothyroidism problem does not go away or is left untreated for months, it can become a complicated health issue in the long term.

If this problem is left untreated, then the mild situation is known as subclinical hypothyroidism. It refers to a situation when the TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone levels are increased to promote the production of thyroid hormones, but the levels remain the same.

If there is a continuous decrease in the T4 and T3 hormones, this situation is known as overt hypothyroidism, affecting your bodily functions.

To sum up, it’s always better to check your thyroid conditions from time to time and take the necessary steps required as per the doctor's opinion.

Do Natural Treatments work for Hypothyroidism?

Switching to a specific healthy diet or consuming prescribed supplements won’t treat or cure hypothyroidism. Still, it will make you feel good, reduce your stress level and decrease the risk of other potential diseases. However, remember to keep up with the prescribed hypothyroidism medication by the doctor.

Even though these natural treatments might not replace the conventional methods of treating the underactive thyroid gland or the functional medicine approach that we usually follow, you can boost up the process of hypothyroidism treatment by taking the following remedies.

  • Manage And Maintain A Healthy Diet Plan: Even though there is no specific diet plan associated with thyroid disease, eating a well-balanced diet would make you feel full and provide your body with sufficient nutrition.
  • Yoga: Yoga is best for relaxing your body, mind, and soul. It has also proven to be more effective in improving blood flow, especially in the thyroid gland.
  • Meditation - Meditation has proven to calm your soul and help you deal with your stress, anxiety, and depression.

Can It be Cured Permanently?

It is possible to cure hypothyroidism permanently in those with Hashimoto disorder, which is usually common in most cases.

To treat it permanently, you need to evaluate the root causes like toxins, nutritional deficiencies, infections, leaky gut, food sensitivity, and hormone imbalance by going through several medical tests.

You can naturally treat these root causes by weeding out the allergen triggers. You can also consider taking natural supplements like curcumin, probiotics, and iodine to resolve the deficiency coupled with a good enough sleep. This In a way will reduce the stress level and make you feel good.

Want personalized treatment and say goodbye to your worries? Reach out to us.

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