Piyush Kumar Vishwakarma


Piyush is the young and dynamic founder of Jeevam Health, intending to transform the lifestyle of people with chronic diseases. With this in mind, he founded Jeevam Health and embarked on a journey of increasing people’s awareness and allowing them to live their best lives.

He is an alumnus of IIT, Roorkee following which he did an internship in South Korea. Having worked both in India and abroad for several years, he is experienced in various fields. However, his ultimate aim was to work in the healthcare sector.

Jeevam Health is his way of merging modern medicine with holistic lifestyle solutions. It has helped him show people that the diagnosis of chronic disease does not have to be a lifetime challenge.

Apart from this, he is also very active in the webinars and social media handles. This approach has also allowed him to get a deeper understanding of what the need of the hour is in terms of patient care.