Can Water That We Drink Affect In Thyroid Functioning?

Dr. Ashwani Garg
Dr. Ashwani GargOctober 8, 2021

The water that loses its structure becomes chaotic and loses its energy.

  • Reverse osmosis is bad for water

  • The water that comes flowing through many pipes becomes bad for you

  • Chemically treated water is harmful to you: Like Floride, Chlorine is used for killing bacteria present in the water, but its also harmful to your body

  • Distilled water, Bottled water all these are dead water

These are unorganized water, this water doesn't have structure to it. And cannot take the nutrition from the system to the cells, it cannot take the toxins out from the body. Join Thyroid Community/

The bad quality water can make you sick, can make you nutrition deficit.

We all know that water is life, but the quality of water today we are drinking is very poor and the reason behind many harmful diseases.

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