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Jeevam Health doctors specialize in thyroid conditions & believe in treating underlying causes rather than suppressing the symptoms. By leveraging modern medicine, our doctors design a personalized treatment plan to reverse the symptoms. The ultimate goal is to reduce the dependencies on medication & make you healthy and happy.


The body produces more thyroid hormone than required. Common symptoms are weight loss, high heart rate, fatigue


The body produces lesser thyroid hormone than required. Common symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, dry skinning, thin hair

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

An autoimmune disease in which the immune system attack the thyroid gland and reduces its capacity to produce thyroid hormones.

Graves’s Disease

It is an autoimmune disease that enlarges our thyroid gland and makes it overactive, resulting in the production of a large number of thyroid hormones.

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I am Ankisha Patni from Kolkata. I have been following Jeevam health since May 19, 2021. I got in touch with Harika, she is so polite & patient to hear my challenges. Words run short for Dr. Anish, how grateful I am to him for getting in-depth with my problems. With detailed investigation, he diagnosed the root cause of my Hashimoto & prescribed the treatment with few supplements, diet & basic lifestyle changes. My thyroid antibodies are down from 1000 to 600 in just 2 months of treatment. All of the symptoms are also getting resolved. Dr. Karishma has been super cooperative and whenever I needed to speak to her, she is always available. Diet recipes by Rashi Mathur are super amazing. I highly recommended it to everyone who really wants to solves their problems from the roots, Jeevam Health is the only place.
- Ankisha Sethi, Jeevam Health Member
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