Dr. Arzoo Panjwani


Functional Medicine Practitioner

Treated 1000+ Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD Patients


Reductionism in solving healthcare problems is one thing Dr. Arzoo Panjwani had bet her stakes on, when she decided to embark on a journey to use her medical practitioner training for alleviating chronic diseases in the patients. Inspired by the virtue of help, and guided by an instinct to provide better standards of life for her patients, rather than just 'solving a problem', Dr. Arzoo took up the "road not taken", and decided to focus her practice and nurture her skills in the Functional and Integrative Medicine area.

Before she joined Jeevam as a Functional Medicine consultant, she had already emanated a lot of her positive counselling skills in the Public health sector, where she helped patients deal with infectious diseases, while always keeping their comfort at the zenith. Furthermore, she attested her alertness through a rigorous experience in the ICU and Emergency Department in reputed hospitals

Her experiences further span into the most sensitive time humans had seen throughout the last century, the COVID pandemic.In fact, it was during this experience that she realized, that the problem of comorbidities was much larger than any pandemic could pose for the humankind, and she got an undying inspiration to deal with chronic diseases that often put patients on the brink of mortality. She realized that patients in India learn to live with chronic diseases and the vulnerability that comes with it. She believe she can spark up the hope to fight it within the patients, by helping them through one of the most advanced and futuristic forms of medicine, i.e. Functional Medicine.

She pledges to help her patients understand the roots of the disease, learn and participate in their remedies, and be wholly involved in taking decisions for their own health. She believe every patient must know their biology, and explaining them why things happen is as important as solving them!